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Animal Assist is proud to support the following organisations.

We are currently running an online fundraising campaign to assist with essential veterinary medicines and equipment. Please consider donating to assist these projects in need.

Conflict Islands Conservation Initiative (CICI), Papua New Guinea

The work of the Conflict Islands Conservation Initiative began in 2017 and it was established as a charitable trust in 2018 to protect and conserve the natural environment of the Coral Sea and The Conflict Islands and its surrounding and connected marine habitat.

Continuing environmental crisis, including anthropocentric climate change and the unregulated, illegal harvesting of endangered turtles and sharks, led business owner and Conflict Islands custodian Mr Ian Gowrie-Smith to conclude “Doing nothing is simply no longer an option!”. CICI works closely with communities to provide education, training and improve the conservation of marine ecosystems and associated species.

Their efforts are accomplished through a broad range of programs and resources, none of which would be possible without the support of the local community, partners, and donors.

Sumatran Ranger Project

The Sumatran Ranger Project (SRP) is a community conservation initiative, established to help provide long term protection of the Leuser Ecosystem buffer zone environment to benefit both wildlife and people. We employ a team of rangers who patrol the buffer zone (the space between the forest and where people live) of the Leuser Ecosystem in North Sumatra province; deactivating traps and snares, providing community outreach and education, mitigating wildlife conflict, collecting data and identifying and implementing alternative livelihood schemes. We also employ a team to manage a number of camera traps we have outside the Gunung Leuser National Park, to document the incredible biodiversity close to human settlement. In addition to providing long term employment SRP also assists forest edge communities by responding to human-wildlife conflict, helping to identify alternative income to oil palm and poaching, and providing community support to reduce reliance on illegal or harmful activity in the forest and buffer zone.

Show your support to Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC)

Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC)

The Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC) is a sun bear rescue and rehabilitation facility being developed in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.

Malayan sun bears are the smallest bears in the world and are only found in Southeast Asia. These bears continue to be threatened by forest degradation, illegal hunting for bear parts and poaching to obtain young cubs for pet trade. The results of these threats has caused young sun bears found to be living in unnatural captive conditions in Sabah, with no access to outdoor areas.

There are currently 43 rescued ex-captive sun bears and 1 captive born residing at the BSBCC. The facility includes large forest enclosures to provide a natural environment suited to the needs and welfare of the sun bears and facilitate their rehabilitation back into the wild.

Show your support to Sumatran Sun Bear Team

Sumatran Sun Bear Team

After a trip to Sumatra in 2013, the Sumatran Sun Bear Team’s founder, Lesley Small was shocked how their beautiful Sun Bears were being treated.

Classified as a vulnerable species, Sun Bears are threated by commercial poaching, habitat loss, and killing to prevent crop damage and for believed medical benefits. The Indonesian government does what it can to help the Sun Bears, but their resources are limited and they have no specialised facility to take in rescued Sun Bears, rehabilitate them, and return them to the wild if possible.

Because of this, the Sumatran Sun Bear Team is dedicated to building a purpose built facility to help Sun Bears in every way we can. Where possible we’d love to return rescued Sun Bears to the wild but, where this isn’t possible, keep the Sun Bear in our purpose built facility where it can be comfortable, safe, and enjoy its life.

Show your support to Project Borneo, Kuching, Malaysian Borneo

Project Borneo, Kuching, Malaysian Borneo

Project Borneo is a Malaysian conservation organisation and UK based charity
which works with several charities, both in Sarawak and Kalimantan. In
Sarawak they work in partnership with the Sarawak Forestry Corporation in
regards to the running of Matang Wildlife Centre.

Project Borneo founder, Leo Biddle, has over 25 years’ experience working in
the conservation sector in the developing world and is a pioneer in ethical
wildlife tourism and manages a successful voluntourism programme.

Project Borneo also operate non-profit businesses to independently generate
revenue to assist their work, and partner with local groups to operate green
initiatives around the environment and recycling.

As the project has grown, it has come to provide care and sanctuary to a
a diverse range of wildlife such as sun bears, macaques, gibbons, hornbills,
clouded leopards and ,of course, the iconic and critically endangered
orangutan. Project Borneo currently cares for over 600 individual wildlife
cases and is the only centre of its kind on the island of Borneo that takes
any and all indigenous animals into care.

Show your support to Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA), Bali, Indonesia

Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA), Bali, Indonesia

BAWA was founded in 2007 by Janice Girardi and the organisation works incredibly hard to save, protect and improve the lives of all animals in Bali. They directly relieve suffering by providing emergency response units, food and medications, rehabilitation and adoption programmes for the homeless dogs living in provinces around Bali.

BAWA operate humane population control, disease control and run intensive outreach and education programmes to encourage positive animal welfare practices within the Balinese community.

This amazing team responds to over 40 calls a day to assist animals in need and treats over 1000 animals each year.

Show your support to Pro Natura Foundation, East Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo

Pro Natura Foundation, East Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo

The Pro Natura Foundation was established in 2013 and focuses on protecting the last key lowland forest area of the region (key orangutan habitat) through facilitating community patrol teams and increasing environmental awareness. As part of the latter mission, improving the conditions of stray domestic animals has also become an integral part of their work. They run a large shelter for stray cats and dogs, combined with a focused community stray health care and sterilisation programme. They currently run an adoption programme for over 100 cats and 20 dogs.

The centre receives over 70,000 visitors annually who come to catch a glimpse of their 6 (ex-captive) sun bears in their beautiful forested enclosure. Sun bears are listed as vulnerable to extinction due to shrinking habitat, the illegal pet trade and demand for their body parts in eastern medicine.

Show your support to Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN), Sumatra, Java and Bali

Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN), Sumatra, Java and Bali

JAAN is an Indonesian based NGO that is dedicated to improving the lives of domestic and wildlife species throughout Asia. They have core programmes based in Bali, Jakarta and Sumatra and since their inception in 2008 have managed to be incredibly successful and active in the welfare space with very minimal funding options. The organisation is split into two areas- domestic and wildlife.  Domestic Welfare includes everything that they do to help domestic animals for example Dog and Cat Adoption, Dog Meat Free Indonesia campaign, our Cat Sterilization Drives and emergency rescues.

Wildlife Rescue includes all cases that they deal with regarding primates, dolphins, tigers, orangutans and many more. For example, their ‘Save Dennis’ Campaign or their regular investigation and data collecting to try and put an end to the Illegal Wildlife Trade.

Show your support to Silvery Gibbon Project, Java

Silvery Gibbon Project, Java

These amazing creatures are the most threatened primate Family globally,  with the Javan Gibbon (also known as the Silvery Gibbon) listed as endangered on the IUCN Redlist. They are competing for habitat on the most densely populated island in the world, where illegal poaching for the wildlife trade is a constant threat, as well as ever increasing habitat destruction. 

Current estimates suggest only 400-3000 individuals remain in fragmented forest populations. Rescue and rehabilitation facilities provide critical support to ongoing conservation efforts.

This project focuses on direct conservation of the species, protecting wild populations and mitigating the illegal wildlife trade,  as well as comprehensive education programmes and assisting with long term solutions to habitat destruction.