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Frequently asked questions

Do the Animal Assist team get paid for their involvement?

No. This incredible group of people are doing all of the work involved in running this initiative as unpaid volunteers. Our trips to deliver goods are all self funded. We are involved in Animal Assist because we are passionate about our cause and objectives and want all money raised to go to where it is most needed - direct to our supported projects.

Is Animal Assist a charity?

Animal Assist's main purpose is to help other charities to achieve fundraising goals and provide other important items needed so that they can get on with the important job of saving animals lives.

Animal Assist is currently not a registered charity, although we are in the process of becoming one! As we can see a need to help now more than ever, we are using a third party funding platform, Chuffed, to raise money on behalf of charities whilst the more official processes are ticking over! This simplifies our work and allows us to concentrate on the task at hand- helping animals in need.

Our current fundraising campaign is raising money for official charities not registered for Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) in Australia, so any donations made are not able to be claimed for tax purposes with the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

How do you choose which projects you support?

We work together as a team to fully investigate our projects and only ever support those that are ethical in their treatment of animals, that have trusted management teams, clear purposes and objectives and ethical volunteering programs.

We support projects that are making real impact in their fields in terms of animal welfare and conservation outcomes. We have a combined interest in supporting smaller initiatives- whether that is with funding, content, goods and services or just general advice on how to build donor support and other aspects of charitable giving.